Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GPU-accelerated OpenFOAM: Part 1

In the process of installing Cufflink (the thing that allows GPU acceleration on OpenFOAM) on my computer, there were a few caveats, especially for the green Linux user such as myself. Most of these issues were resolved quite simply by internet searches.

One issue I would like to document is the lack of CUDA toolkit 4.0. There is an entry in the NVIDIA archive, but no file to download (???). Turns out you can use 4.1 (maybe even 4.2, but I did not test it), but you have to use the older version of Thrust, which you can find on the Google code page. Simply replace the one in /usr/local/cuda/include (1.5) with 1.4, and you will be able to run the file on the Cufflink repository.

So I finally got cusp, thrust, and cuda to work. Onwards...

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